Gold Rush River Video

Heading down the 30 Mile section of the Yukon River.
Click on the photo to see the video.

6 thoughts on “Gold Rush River Video

  1. I liked the moose and bear, but especially liked the Bolivia video that followed.  I’d seen many of your photos from that trip, but never saw the video.  Spectacular!!! It was almost enough to distract me from the mess Trump is making.  The world is going insane.  I figure Canadians and Americans have really pissed off most of the people in the Middle East with the events in our two countries this weekend. Best to you and Jan,Norman

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  2. Looks idyllic, haven’t had my canoe out for a year (too much cycling?) so maybe this will inspire me? I especially liked the peaceful sounds of the river, wind etc. and the big box of alcohol. Must have been hard to whittle down the footage too.

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