Yukon’s Golden Circle Route

Better late than never. I suppose. Laziness on my part (and I must have had better things to do) has delayed this post by a few months. OK, eight months. After paddling the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City, we flew back to Whitehorse and got on our bicycles. We rode what is known as the Golden Circle Route from Whitehorse to Skagway, across by ferry to Haines and back to Whitehorse.

In all, 700 km of cycling through some spectacular mountain landscapes with very little traffic. In some parts, fall turned the landscape into gold as the days grew shorter and colder. Here are a map and some photographs from our ride.

Click on the map for an interactive view and ride metrics

11 thoughts on “Yukon’s Golden Circle Route

  1. Paul, Fantastic and worth the wait.  You guys amaze me and make me feel like a deadbeat.   I can’t even get air in my tires to do some simple rides on local bike paths… I particularly loved the shot of White Pass summit, the Fireweed, the House of Negotiable Affection, shots of Haines, AK, Haines Highway in Canada… too many to list them all. Thanks and best to you and Jan. Norman

  2. What were the dates of your cycling portion of the trip and how many days did it take to complete the 700 km?

  3. Gorgeous and very timely. At this very moment (3.30:am) I’m having breakfast prior to heading out the door on my first Yukon trip!


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