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2lovecycling is about cycletouring …

and other travels.



We are Jan and Paul and live in Vancouver, Canada. Janice works as a therapist with children and families. Paul worked as a newspaper photographer for 26 years until he quit in 2012 and now dabbles in real estate and property management. In 2013, we put everything on hold to embark on an extended cycling trip, something we had long wanted to do. It became a 16-month and 20-country journey through Europe, the Middle East and South America.

We feel truly lucky and privileged to be able to travel and we want to share our adventures with you.

We will post updates here regularly. Subscribe to the blog and you will automatically be notified of new posts.

If you’d like to contact us: 2lovecycling@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Jan and Paul. I’m from Newfoundland but have been living in Wells BC for ten years now. I’ve been into bikes my whole life but only got interested in cycle touring recently through friends who remind me a lot of you guys. I am looking forward to reading your trip reports and seeing the awesome photos.

    My favorite mode of travel is the canoe and I am currently planning a cross Canada trip to Newfoundland for 2020. In September of 2016 I purchased the boat I will be using from a fellow in Quesnel. You’ll never believe it .. the 14′ Clipper Prospector you paddled on your Coppermine River trip. I was already aware of your trip because I read a lot about polar exploration trips new and old. I am pretty excited to own this boat. I did the Bowron circuit in October 2016 right after purchasing it. I love it. It still has the spray deck, and also came with thigh straps and full air bags.

    Anyways, though I would say hello, and I’m happy my new canoe has such a cool history.

    A. Andrew Read

    1. Hi Andrew, Thanks for your note. What a great story about the canoe. I’m curious how you came to own it and how you know of the canoe’s history. I have many fond memories from that trip. It was my first long solo journey. It was a tough one, especially the first month, travelling upstream from Winter Lake to the Coppermine River. Many portages. I published an article about that Coppermine trip in Kanawa Magazine in 2002. If you haven’t read it, let me know and I can send you a copy.

      Your cross-Canada canoe trip sounds like it will be an amazing adventure.

      Regards, Pv

  2. Hi Paul and Jan,

    Looking at your bikes I was wondering if you bought them already with S&S couplers or if you got those put on your already existing bike frames?


  3. Hi Paul! I came across your photo of the Mckenzie River – beautiful. Could make out the canoe but what is the object sitting on the canoe tip please?


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