Some links we find useful (in no particular order) and others we just like:

Some blogs of travellers we have met along the way:


Lea, Gregor and Ronja:

Brian Musallo:  http://www.pedaleandosueñ

Ellen and Elmar van Drunen:

Cycling Dutch Girl:

9 thoughts on “Links

    1. Hi Angela,

      We cycled from Virpazar to Shkoder along the south shore of Shkadar Lake in Montenegro. It’s a beautiful road but there are not many services so make sure you have enough food for a couple of days. We were able to get water at a school where we camped on a Saturday night. The road is narrow but paved and has very little traffic. Check our blog post:

      I can email you the gps track, if that’s helpful.

  1. Hi there!
    Our family met you last weekend in the Chilcotins. We hope you had a wonderful (bear free) ride home.
    Nice to meet you both.

    ps. Loved your Ellesmere photos

  2. Could you remind me of the name of the company in Ontario where you bulk buy dehydrated food?

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