Some links we found useful (in no particular order) and others we just like:

Tasis Bikes:

Some blogs of travellers we have met along the way:

Laura and Christoph:

Lea, Gregor and Ronja:

Brian Musallo:  http://www.pedaleandosueñ

Ellen and Elmar van Drunen:

and also:

Myles Smith:

Eleanor Pachaud:

Cycling Dutch Girl Mirjam:

9 thoughts on “Links

    1. Hi Angela,

      We cycled from Virpazar to Shkoder along the south shore of Shkadar Lake in Montenegro. It’s a beautiful road but there are not many services so make sure you have enough food for a couple of days. We were able to get water at a school where we camped on a Saturday night. The road is narrow but paved and has very little traffic. Check our blog post:

      I can email you the gps track, if that’s helpful.

  1. Hi there!
    Our family met you last weekend in the Chilcotins. We hope you had a wonderful (bear free) ride home.
    Nice to meet you both.

    ps. Loved your Ellesmere photos

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