7 thoughts on “Video – The Bike Tour 2013

  1. Hello Istanbul! Great video. As mentioned before … It is sooo much fun reading your blogs and the pictures you post are simply amazing … Feel I am taking part in your adventure just a tiny bit 😉

    Merry christmas to you too (whatever that may be in Istanbul bit I guess we’ll read that next time?!).


  2. I am also enjoying reading your blog, seeing countries we have visited and some we still hope to see. Loved Istanbul.
    Carrie (your neighbor across the street in Vancouver).

  3. A belated Merry Christmas & New year as I catch up on your last few blogs. What an inspring & amazing ride you have been on. I’ve loved the beautiful pictures & stories of your travels….especially in Germany (being close to home)! What an accomplishment for you both…makes everything else relatively boring in comparision! Thanks for sharing this with me & hope you now enjoy a well earned rest….you deserve it!


  4. just watched this video with maya. we really enjoyed it. you guys are awesome!!!
    maya says “I hope you have fun on your next journey”. xoxo

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