Some time ago, probably on a bike or canoe trip somewhere, we had the idea that we would like to go on an extended cycling trip. It was decided that the year between our 50th birthdays would be as good a time as any, so, arrangements were made, jobs put on hold and the bikes made ready.

We will start our cycling journey in Iceland, a place we’ve cycled before and enjoyed. Iceland is a challenging place to cycle and it will enable us to work out some of the kinks and get used to our nomadic lifestyle. From Iceland, we will fly to northern Norway and point our wheels south by an as of yet undetermined route.


We have about 15 months planned on the road but no definitive itinerary. The general plan is to cycle in Europe until the end of 2013 with Istanbul, Turkey as our destination. From there, we will head to Asia to cycle for another 9 months, with perhaps a stop in the Middle East en route.

Follow us along as we explore our world by bicycle.

7 thoughts on “The Idea

  1. Wow!!!
    What an amazing journey to be heading off on.
    Jan! We never did get it together to get together, but luckily I must be on your email list and have enjoyed the blog and hearing of your and Paul’s wonderfully exciting trip. Looking forward to following the blog!
    Bon Voyage🚲🚲

  2. Wow, this is a great way to celebrate life! Thank you for sharing your story and including us in the invite to join your journey. Looking forward to hearing the updates. What a great way to celebrate 50…Enjoy ICE. Love the postings you’ve written, it is like “almost” being there. Bob and Margaret
    Hugs from Bob and Margaret:)

  3. Jan, What a wonderful adventure you are going on with Paul and thankyou so much for including me to live & breathe your travels. I look forward to learning more about Iceland. Cameron was especially keen (being a mad bike enthusiast) to read all about your bikes. Safe travels and enjoy this amazing experience together!!

  4. Paul and Jan,
    Lynn and I enjoyed chatting with you at Guilfoss Waterfall. I have read your blog and I am amazed. I don’t know how you have the energy to write after your strenuous days. I’ll keep following you, provided that you don’t kill yourself with more of the “look Ma, no hands” stuff or taking pictures while riding on narrow ISL roads (Jan in your mirror). We drove 700 km to Jokulsarlon and back to our cottage the day after we met you. I was tired and the car did all the work. I thought of you as we crossed the huge glacial out wash plains with a merciless wind that buffeted the car. I can’t imagine the feeling of coming up over the crest of a hill and seeing how far it is to go.
    “Happy trails to you until we meet again.”
    David & Lynn Williams
    P.S. – I have sent the link to your blog to our friends Dan and Sandy Ciske in Seattle. They like you are world travelers and did an over a year journey. Dan will especially admire your photography.

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