Postcard from Lisbon

One of the oldest capitals in Europe, Lisbon is a great city to begin an adventure.

We arrived early in the morning and found a quiet corner in the airport to unpack our bicycles and put them back together. With the bikes loaded, we rode into the heart of the old city: Alfama, where we found our accommodation.

For three days we wandered up and down the hills of this lovely city, meeting some of its people, tasting their food and learning a few Portuguese basics like Obrigada, a conta por favor, bom dia. Most people speak English and when not, the usual combination of body language and ‘Spanglish’ work really well to get what you want.

We walked nearly 50 kilometres all over the city centre, looking for miradouros (viewpoints), monuments and just interesting neighbourhoods away from where most of the tourist traffic is.

We took a walking tour with José, a local guide who does these tours by donation. We were part of a group of about 15 people and walked for three hours on a circuit of quiet streets and alleyways “like a local”. It was an education in the history of Lisbon and especially Alfama, the oldest part of the city that survived the 1755 earthquake and tsunami that decimated the city.

We only scratched the surface of what Lisbon has to offer but after three days it was time to hit the road and explore Portugal’s countryside.

Riding into Alfama
Panteão Nacional in Alfama
The No. 28 street car
A view of Alfama and the church of São Vicente de Fora
A seafood lunch at a sidewalk patio
The hustle and bustle of Alfama
Alfama at night: which way to go?
Lisbon and the River Tagus
The Parliament building
Jacaranda trees in bloom all over Lisbon
Three of the most popular modes of transport: tram, scooter and tuk-tuk
José, our guide from Chill Out Tours
Ready to explore Portugal

11 thoughts on “Postcard from Lisbon

  1. Yeah! A new adventure! Can’t wait for the pictures and descriptions. Cycle safe – you could be in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 in a few days; probably just as warm here just now 👍😁

    1. So glad you are travelling again to entertain those of us who no longer do! Lovely pictures. Auntie Carol.

  2. Fabulous as always. So great to have the blog again. Missed it but this means that I miss you here but …… keep on peddling in that beautiful country. Miss it too. ❤️

  3. Hi Paul, Hi Jan,
    I was about to phone you to see if you were still standing? In a seniors’ home?
    It’s good to have the blogs fired up again. Good to know you are both well and moving on bicycle wheels.

  4. Great photos. I think your exploring Lisbon by foot and bicycle would make a good submission to National Geographic. An historical foodie story.

    Happy travels!
    Karen K.

  5. Hi Paul and Jan
    You guys must be elated to be able to be traveling and adventuring again. Where are you headed to?

    We now have ebikes and did some good rides last year in Central Otago. We just got back from one farther north on the North Island, but it was pretty tame. Hopefully will get away again this winter.

    Keep well, ride safely, and have fun! We look forward to seeing more photos.


    Sent from my iPad

  6. Hi How you coping with the heat? Trust all is well. Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers Gerry

    Sent from my iPhone


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