Three Days in Hobart

Our journey in Australia ended in Hobart. We did some bicycle maintenance and packed them up for the trip to New Zealand. We spent three days wandering around Hobart, sampling the food and culture this southern capital has to offer. A visit to MONA is a must-do. We went to a movie at a fabulous, art deco theatre in North Hobart and saw A Star is Born. We walked many miles, using a few different muscles, went to the Salamanca Market and the Friday night Food Truck Fair. Hobart is a vibrant city. Too bad it’s so far from (almost) everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Three Days in Hobart

  1. Hi Jan and Paul,

    Hobart looks like an artsy place. I always love what you two pay attention to. Many of your pictures are of things that most people wouldn’t notice. You do, and you turn these objects or architecture or scenes into art.

    New Zealand next? Can’t wait for the pics and stories!

    Love Dee


  2. I was in Hobart and Tasie for a few days – 45 years ago! Hasn’t changed much.
    I also lived in NZ for 5 years (in the south) so will be interested to see those posts.

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