Every Day Is A Present

One morning, a few days ago, when Christoph checked his rear tire and found it still had air, he exclaimed: “Every day is a present!” And from then on, that has been our mantra. It’s true. Every day is a present. I often take too much for granted. I become accustomed to certain things; to a certain way. Being on the road, cycling, meeting people, living simply, taking in all the beautiful countryside, drives home that every day is indeed a gift. One not to be wasted. One to be cherished, and one to be thankful for.

We have crossed Oregon from north to south. It’s been a beautiful ride. More beautiful as we headed south. Spectacular beaches. Lovely, winding side roads away from the busy highway. Gorgeous sunsets. Here are some photos.

7 thoughts on “Every Day Is A Present

  1. Oh, you two, what a beautiful trip you are having. Please keep posting , my heart is there, my legs may not be but still, love living every day as a present especially close to nature. Waking up every morning in a tent…. Cycling, being on the road and now …. Big big trees. Redwoods. Look for Luna. I think she was saved.

  2. HI:
    Just love receiving all your pix and updates. Your trip brings back memories of our trip along the coast. Happy Trails and keep the pix coming,
    Marlene & Walt

  3. Every day is indeed a present. It has been a present to me to have your blog to read while here in KTM. Oh to be riding in fresh Californian air.. I can feel it.

  4. Glad that you and Christoph are having such a great trip, Paul. As always, I’m enjoying reading your exploits and seeing the world through your lens (somewhat beer-streaked sometimes, but always entertaining!). 😉 It’s nice to see that stretch of road again. Bike touring really is magical, isn’t it? And yes, regardless of circumstance or location, every day IS a present. Thanks for the reminder. xoxo D

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