Olympic Peninsula

It’s been a good start to our tour down the Pacific coast. Riding out of Vancouver in brilliant sunshine, Jan accompanied Christoph and me as far as the Alex Fraser Bridge. Honey, I miss you but I promise I will come home.

Jan accompanied us on the ride out of Vancouver.
Jan accompanied us on the ride out of Vancouver.

Just seven kilometres from the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, Christoph got a puncture but the tube held enough air for us to race down there to make the 11 o’clock sailing. We were the last to load and Christoph changed the tube on the ferry. A quick stop for lunch in Sidney and a lovely ride on the Lochside Trail into downtown Victoria where we just managed to catch the Coho ferry to Port Angeles.

A flat tire on the way to the ferry but it held enough air to make the 11 o'clock boat to Victoria.
A flat tire on the way to the ferry but it held enough air to make the 11 o’clock boat to Victoria.

Once on the other side, we bought a few groceries and cycled out of town to our first camp site at Salt Creek. It had been a long, 12-hour, 120 km day. We were pretty knackered but happy to be on the road.

The next day was another warm sunny one as we cycled west on the Olympic Discovery Trail to Lake Crescent where we got on a stretch of single track along the lake shore, hiking with bikes occasionally. A gorgeous ride along the azure lake. The day ended in Forks at an RV park. Nobody but us there camping. Hot showers and a nice dinner made from the groceries we bought across the street at the Thriftway.

Crescent Lake.
Crescent Lake.

The pitter-patter of rain woke us the next morning. Well, it is the rain forest. We packed in between drizzles and had a late start. The rain continued on an off through the morning, all the way to Ruby Beach. Not really a problem, except for the logging trucks who seem to have to drive 100 km-hr and don’t have the ability to move over. Quite unnerving to have 40 or 50 tonnes whizzing by you at such speed. But most motorists were courteous and moved over.

We ended the day at Kalaloch Beach where the lodge offered coffee and cheese cake. Too good to pass up, despite the hefty price tag. We bought some groceries at the store – not exactly gourmet, but we made a meal of it.

Chili and tortillas.
Chili and tortillas.

The sunset at Kalaloch, as the weather signalled a change, was simply stunning.

Glorious Pacific sunset at Kalaloch Beach.
Glorious Pacific sunset at Kalaloch Beach.

Here are a bunch more photos from our first few days.

7 thoughts on “Olympic Peninsula

  1. So lovely, wish i was there even in the rain, looks like another awsome adventure. Where is the sock though? Jimmy????Hiding behing the Ruby stacks?

  2. Good for you Paul. I love your spirit of adventure and self-reliance. Heading out on the road, seeing where things take you, and dealing with whatever comes up. You must do some planning though, as you seem to find the cool cycling routes and trails.

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