5 thoughts on “Finally, video from Southern Patagonia – Part I

  1. Thank you! I’m so glad you posted this – I know it’s hard work, but I am so envious! Love the trail between AR and CH! Me here, just paddling up, down, and around rivers and bays. Had my first whitewater canoe lesson – much to learn there 😀 Kayaking is terrific! Really look forward to further travels and reconnecting when/if you ever decide to come back!

  2. Thx Paul and Jan……that trail is certainly one that is very adventurous, and in some places, very treacherous. You two are truly amazing on an amazing journey……..and here I sit in the calm and quiet of Brentwood Bay enjoying the still serenity and tranquility while you are out there in the rugged whole of trail blazing. Happy Canada Day, and be sure to fly the maple leaf.
    With Love and Affection from us both.

  3. Love your choice of music! The condensed version looks long enough for me. Such stunning scenery and what an accomplishment. All the best as you continue your journey.

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