National Pisco Day

This is our 100th blog post. A bit of a milestone, along with the reading on our odometer ticking over 15,000 km today. Hard to believe it’s been almost one year on the road.

Yesterday was National Pisco Day in Chile. So, what better way to mark that event than to imbibe in some Pisco. Earlier in the day we had run into our friend Eleanor, a fellow traveller we met way back at the start of the Careterra Austral in Villa O’Higgins. The three of us headed down to the beach in La Serena, a 10-kilometre stretch of sand in a large bay. As the sun sank toward the horizon we found a little place on the beach to mark Pisco Day and had some seafood to go with it.

Ceviche and various other lovely bits of seafood: scallops, abalone. shrimp.
Ceviche and various other lovely bits of seafood: scallops, abalone. shrimp.
Pisco Sour.
Pisco Sour.

Today, we cycled west from La Serena into the Elqui Valley, famous for its Pisco and clear skies, which has resulted in a bunch of observatories being built here. Some of the world’s largest telescopes can be found here in northern Chile. On tomorrow’s agenda: a visit to a Pisco distillery and an observatory. Booze and stars. What more could one ask for.


5 thoughts on “National Pisco Day

  1. You could ask for me to be there with you -booze and stars!!!!lovely. Enjoy. Great talking to you yesterday. I am having a national packing day!!!

  2. You guys are sure having fun fun fun !!! I love reading your blog posts. Life here is good. 1.5 months until retirement for me!! Then Africa for. 5 weeks near the eNd of the summer! Not cycling in Africa , but driving and camping. A IG adventure for Larry and me !!! I miss you but know that you are truly world class people !! Love to you both. Ann

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    1. Ann, Africa!!! Awesome. Congrats on retiring – finally. Now you and Larry can be retired together. Our retirement trial is going exceedingly well. I quite like it. Not sure what I’ll do when we get home.

  3. Pisco sour. The national drink of all my Chilean friends. Along with piscola. Wendy and I were in pisco on our honeymoon. It was spring and so beautiful. Great to hear you are loving it. As you ride up the coast you need to stop in Tongoy. A small town that raises scallops. They have the best scallop epianiada in the world there. A little restaurant on the beach. There is only the one. You can’t miss it

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