We experience magic moments on the road almost every day. Whether it is someone we meet or something we see, it’s all a kind of magic that happens along the way. One of these magic moments was meeting Brian Musallo about four weeks ago at Lago del Desierto. We spent about two weeks cycling together off and on as we headed north on the Careterra Austral.

Jan and I held a little crowd fundraiser on our blog for Brian and that was very successful. Thanks to all of you who donated, we were able to give Brian 200,000 CHP ($400) which will help him fulfill his dream of cycling across South America.

We saw Brian last in El Pangue, just north of Puyuhuapi. He’s been a day or two behind us ever since and now that we are heading north in Argentina, it’s unlikely our paths will cross again, but you never know. The road is long.

Brian has posted a note on his blog in response to the fundraiser: http://xn--pedaleandosueos-brb.com/la-magia-del-camino/

We wish Brian luck on his journey and much more magic on the road.

Brian on the road to Puyuhuapi.
Brian on the road to Puyuhuapi.

One thought on “La Magia del Camino

  1. Dear Jan & Paul,
    It was your father’s birthday ! 80! Wonderfull though because our internet provider made a mistake we have been cut off, so we are without a phone and internet is just back in town. So as to your 50th. birthday . . . . . congratulations and keep on biking. We enjoy your reports and pictures. Great. Safe trip while we think of you both.
    From Holland with greetings,

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