Cycling South America on a Shoestring

We reunited a few days ago with Brian Musallo and we’re slowly making our way north. In a few days, though, our routes will diverge and we likely will not cycle together again. Brian’s dream is to cycle all around South America. You can read all about his dream and what he’s accomplished so far on his website:  http://www.pedaleandosueñ

He is travelling on a very small budget and with a broken bike (see our March 14 post). The bike has been fixed but it’s a temporary repair until he can get it done properly. We thought we would try a little crowd-funding experiment.

To earn money, Brian is selling bicycle key chains in the larger towns. Instead of a set price, he asks people for a donation to help him realize his dream or cycling around South America and in exchange he gives them one of the key chains.

Jan and I are asking you to make a donation and in return for each donation, we will collect a key chain from Brian and make sure you get it once we return home to Canada. Or, if you don’t live in Vancouver, we can give your key chain to a child along the way so we don’t have to mail it to you at great cost, which would take away from the funds Brian receives.

If you want to make a donation you can do so through my Paypal account until March 31. We will give 100 % of your donation to Brian.

Enter my email address: on the PayPal web site. This is a secure transaction.

Click HERE to donate and send me an email at to let me know who you are, your donation and if you would like to receive your keychain or have us give it to a child along the way. Thank you.

One thought on “Cycling South America on a Shoestring

  1. Such a great idea; I will send dineros. Kudos for helping. Give Brian a hug for me with wishes to keep dreaming.

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