Sierra de Guara

Dealing with bureaucrats is probably the most frustrating of human endeavours. Our package, containing our replacement tent and stove has been in Barcelona for days but Spanish customs told us they would not release it until we pay 235 euros in duties, fees and taxes. After hours on the phone and sending them all kinds of documents, I had to sign a declaration that I would pay the money upon delivery, and then delivery would commence but would not be guaranteed by the time we were scheduled to leave Barcelona.

We decided to go hiking as planned and let the universe unfold as it would, hoping the package would get delivered prior to our departure. We packed the car and set off for Sierra de Guara and the village of Alquezar, a lovely medieval town about 3 hours northwest of Barcelona.

We rented an apartment for a few nights and went hiking in the spectacular canyon landscape around Alquezar and the nearby town of Rodellar. While there, I received an email from FedEx in response to my complaint about the problem with my package, and miraculously the package was delivered without any further charges. Funny that I had to send a complaint to FedEx in the United States before the company’s employees in Spain would process my package without any further delay or charges.

Anyway, we have a new tent and stove and will be ready for the next part of our journey. Meanwhile, we spent a few days hiking in Sierra de Guara with Alba and Gérard. Here are some photographs.

The gang in Alquezar. Thank you Alba and Gérard for you fabulous hospitality. Until next time.
The gang in Alquezar. Thank you Alba and Gérard for you fabulous hospitality. Until next time.

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