There have been a number of comments about my svelte appearance lately. Actually, quite a lot of comments. Let me put you at ease. I am really eating quite well. And a lot. Let me tell you what I consumed today.

Breakfast: 250 grams of granola and 250 grams of yogurt, a banana and an espresso.

Elevenses: a caffe Americano and a pastry with nuts and raisins

Lunch: Most of a loaf of bread with 120 grams of various cured meats, olives, mayo and mustard and I finished the heel of the bread with a couple of table spoons of nutella.

Aprés-cycle: a half litre of weiß bier and .66-litre of pilsner, chips, peanuts, crackers with tapenade, sausage and olives. The beer may seem like a lot, but it isn’t. One has to rehydrate.

Dinner: Half of a large salad (lettuce, arugula, radicchio) with tomatoes, tuna, boiled eggs and corn. A large Piadina with spicy salami, arugula, tomatoes and cheese and a large plate of fries with mayo.

Piadina is a traditional flatbread in Emilia-Romagna, the region we have been cycling through the last 10 days. Very yummy.

This is a typical day of eating. Sometimes more. Sometimes a bit less. We’ve eaten a lot of pasta and also rice or quinoa with curry. Jan and I typically share about 350 to 500 grams of pasta with sauce. Quite a healthy helping. I dare you to eat one that size.

We cycled 55 KM today, climbed 861 metres and descended 1275 metres. So it was a net downhill ride, however, some of the stuff we climbed today was up to 16 % but thankfully only short bits. Here’s the gps elevation graph of today.

Today's elevation profile.
Today’s elevation profile.

I don’t know how many calories all that food adds up to, but let me assure you, I couldn’t possibly have eaten any more today. I do have one theory about why I may look skinny in the photographs. My hair has been growing since we left and it’s getting long and big. It makes my head looks larger than what you’re used to and that, I theorize, is accentuating my slender, elegant appearance.

Does this car make me look skinny?
Does this car make me look skinny?

So, please don’t worry. I’m not wasting away. I’m at my best, physically. I’m a mean, lean cycling machine. Come and join us. Lose a few kilos. See some great scenery and eat whatever you like.

One of the many beers. This one in Wittenberg.
My doctor advised me to drink more of these.

8 thoughts on “Skinny Puppy

  1. Wij hebben ook zo’n karretje gehad, althans mijn vrouw. A dream not to be forgotten.
    Good trip en drink nog maar paar van die Weissbiertjes. Lekker. Ik heb ze hier thuis staan voor als jullie langskomen maar het ziet er naar uit dat ik die alleen op moet drinken. Prost Kamerad !
    Groet uit NL and have a great ride.

    1. Drink a few more weissbeers. I have got some here for you but you aren’t coming. I’ll drink them anyway. Nice ride, greetings.

  2. I wish I had hair like Paul’s.

    I recall reading about a guy who road across the USA. He thought he’d finish with quads the size of a linebacker. Instead, he ended up losing 15kg despite eating gargantuan quantities of food. Lean and mean!

    Of course, if you two set your bikes up like this guy, you’d have to drink less beer.

  3. Ya! Give the guy a break! You posted appropriately on Halloween, best skeleton costume I’ve ever seen. -Dave

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