And Then There Were Four

NEWS FLASH: Summer has arrived in northern Norway.

The day before our friends Alba and Gérard arrived from Barcelona, the weather suddenly turned nice and it’s been glorious now for five days. FINALLY we too have some summer. It was a mad scramble for the sunscreen and sun glasses.

The foursome: Alba, Gérard, Jan and Paul
The foursome: Alba, Gérard, Jan and Paul

Jan and I chose not to take the 4.30 AM Hurtigruten ferry to Harstad but rode there instead over two days. We had just enough time for one of us to catch the bus to the airport, meet them and take the bus back to Harstad. Now we are a foursome for the next month.

It makes such a difference to be able to just wear shorts and a T-shirt in the morning when we get up, or in the evening while we make dinner and watching the sun slowly dip towards the horizon. We don’t stay up late enough to see if it’s setting now. Besides, it usually disappears behind a mountain somewhere.

With Alba and Gérard we retraced our route from Harstad to Sortland in Vesterålen and have made our way into the Lofoten Islands. The cycling has been wonderful on quiet back roads. We try to avoid the major highways if we can. The scenery here is quite stunning. Here’s a taste. Stay tuned.

Local kids swimming at our beach camp just outside Melbu.
Local kids swimming at our beach camp just outside Melbu.
Alba, left, and Jan iding west to Laukvik.
Alba, left, and Jan riding west to Laukvik.
Jan crossing a causeway on the way to Laukvik.
Jan crossing a causeway on the way to Laukvik.
Alba and GŽrard riding west to Laukvik.
Alba and GéŽrard riding west to Laukvik.

4 thoughts on “And Then There Were Four

  1. welcome hijos, wish I was there sounds magnificiente. Abuela
    Riding tour de whatcam in Bellingham manana , mere 50 miles….

  2. Hello Jan and Paul,
    Jealous to see your beautiful pictures with sunshine in Norway. ( I am the Dutch girl you met on the Tromso campsite) I had despite the weather a very nice holiday, went 2 days on the Hurtigruten to Bronnoysund to met my parents a little bit earlier as planned, because of the bad weather, we had a very good time together. Now I have already had my first flight 6 days trip to New York and used there the citibike to explore New York… Different but I also enjoyed it very much… Hardworking as a flight attendant.. Tommorow I go for a short camping trip to the Dutch coast near Bakkum with a friend.. , also beautiful weather over here!! Hope to see you somewhere and you are always welcome in Purmerend, Holland. Lots of greetings and beautiful cycling days in Norway from Dianne Karhof.

  3. Would love to join somewhere along the way, but I don’t think that will transpire in th next year and a bit. Beautiful!!

  4. Hi from the doldrums of the office where sunshine is rampant outdoors but weather control indoors has us at freezing temperatures,
    Your trip looks amazing! we’re living vicariously through your adventure and dreaming of in vivo journeys of our own. Have a wonderful time and I have so enjoyed checking in with your progress.
    Bon Voyage
    Karen & Dean

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