Not so stuck in Oslo

Our flight leaving Keflavik was late by almost an hour. Despite a tail wind over the north Atlantic, we arrived in Oslo too late to make our connection to Tromsø. Under most circumstances this would have been a major inconvenience. But since we had a late flight, leaving Oslo at 10 PM and arriving in Tromsø close to midnight, would have meant we would likely not have arrived at the campground until well after 1 AM. It would have been a very long day.

AT the Keflavik Airport getting ready to pack up.
AT the Keflavik Airport getting ready to pack up.

By the time we picked up our bags and bikes, gone through the non-existent customs and passport control and found the SAS service desk, we had already been rebooked on a flight the next day and booked into the Radisson Blu Hotel right at the Oslo Gardermoen Airport, complete with two meal vouchers and breakfast the next morning. Flawless service. No hassles whatsoever.

Walking to the hotel at the Oslo Gardermoen Airport.
Walking to the hotel at the Oslo Gardermoen Airport.

We dumped the luggage in the room and the bikes in hotel storage and headed to the restaurant for a late dinner, courtesy of Iceland Air. We got there just a few minutes before it closed at 11. I loved the vouchers we got. At the top it said “Blue Involuntary” as if we didn’t really want to stay here but did under some sort of protest.

Our Involuntary vouchers.
Our Involuntary vouchers. That’s 250 NOK, about $42 each for dinner.

No protest from us as now we’re booked on a flight at 1.55 PM on Saturday and will arrive at a much more civilized hour in Tromsø to continue our cycling journey north of 69 degrees latitude which means another 3 weeks or so of 24 hours of daylight. Lucky us!

Here’s a link to a wiki on Tromsø, the largest city in northern Norway:

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