10 thoughts on “Video – Did we mention the wind?

  1. You both look well-equipped for the weather! Hopefully you’re enduring the worst of it now, and the rest of your trip will be kinder for travelling. Enjoying your posts, Paul.

  2. Good thing you lived in Southern Alberta for a while to so you have practice with this wind thing! Yikes! More Lycra?



  3. Love the video. You even got fancy at the end with the scene change and Jan walking away. I could have sworn I was watching a travel show! Hmmmm…maybe that is a door that opens for you along this trek, being hosts of a cycling travel show? Then you can be your waggish self (Paul) and get well paid for it. Iron Jan will become the dream girl of any man who watches and your show would make MILLIONS!

  4. Hi dear friends! I am loving the blog but I am worried that you are going to post a video one day with the one of you being blown down the street like a tumbleweed due to the nasty wind, hehehe. Keep on blogging!!

  5. Hi you two:
    We sure do love to hear all about your travels. Keep up the good work and stay out of the wind.. Hope you will turn all your travels inta a book someday!
    Auntie Marlene & Uncle Walt.

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